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Balancing the overwhelming need to “stay connected” – A DigiAbhyas Webinar

Many of us grew up with a variety of hobbies. Some of us were voracious readers, while others loved taking long walks, creating elaborate art, or sometimes just sitting by the window looking at the world outside. Over time, we’ve …

3 Reasons Why Educators Should Practice Digital Wellbeing

By, Shreevidhya Ravi, Senior Consultant, Learning Links Foundation

As the whole world continues to focus on virtual learning environments, teachers are increasingly becoming our frontline warriors. They have risen to the challenge of looking at education through the lens …

Digital Dependence – A fact or fallacy?

We are living in extraordinary times leading to extraordinary changes in our lives and lifestyles, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The phased lockdown and social distancing norms enforced upon us since the last several months have disrupted every aspect of …